Monday, December 27, 2010

Life as I know it

Why, hello world.

I love to blog. I loved it with my first blog, A Mercurial Nature (and then later when I resurrected that blog from cyberspace) and again with my second blog, Life Will Catch Up. I love reading blogs - baking and crafting blogs, slice-of-life blogs and whatnot. Simply put, I love to read and write. And while I know why I fell off the blogging wagon eight months ago, I'm still sad about it and decided it was due time to start up again.

So here I am with my third (and hopefully permanent) blog, A Dash of Dowd.

August 2010 was, as they say, a turning point in my life. I married a great guy, quit a secure job and went back to school - culinary school, to be precise. Four months later, I'm still adjusting to the changes, struggling with whether or not I made a smart choice (with school and work, certainly not the marriage) and wondering what, exactly, I am doing with my life, career-wise.

I know one thing - life's been an adventure so far. And while there are always those days when I'd like to stay in bed rather than do anything else, they're few and far between. Most of the time, I'm curious to see what tomorrow will bring.

And from now on, I'll be sharing those tomorrows right here.

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